Over the years there have been many parodies of the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball is such a long, unique, and rich series full of characters and events that lend themselves to being interpreted in many different comedic ways that it’s no surprise hundreds of videos, images, and audio files have been created parodying our treasured series. Sure, most of the parodies out there are incredibly juvenile and poorly made, but despite plenty of “Gozars” there’s also a fair share of “Team Four Stars.” Below you will find links to the official source of the most recent and popular Dragon Ball parody series on the Internet along with our personal favorite works from the creators.

The Best of the Best

Weekly Tube Show

These hilarious Dragon Ball related parodies are created by friend of DBLegends Remix (who also goes by the alias WeeklyTubeShow and WeeklyTubeShow2). Keep in mind the humor in these videos isn’t for minors and usually contain a healthy dose of penis jokes, but they’re always done with class. In addition to clever writing and ridiculously strong voice acting, the editing in this series (handled by InnagadadaDBZ) is superb, almost on the masterpiece level of Team Four Star. Overall WeeklyTubeShow’s “Dragon Dub Z” parodies are our favorite of the bunch, but that might be because we share the creator’s peculiar brand of humor.

Our Favorite Parody by Weekly Tube Show
UPDATE: Our favorite parody by WeeklyTubeShow, “Piccolo Acts a Fool,” was taken down by TOEI Animation due to copyright infringement. This is just one of the many times Toei has gone after harmless fan-based parodies, and frankly we’re sick of it. That being said, we present to you our second favorite parody by WeeklyTubeShow. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get removed too.

Exclusive Dragonball: Evolution Parody
This Dragonball: Evolution parody – the only live-action parody by Weekly Tube Show – is exclusive to and is only available right here.


DBZ: The Real Abridged

Our second favorite parody series is unfortunately on hiatus and seldom sees updates. The creators, skins2153 and thumbswayup, are definitely not known to many and unfortunately we couldn’t find out much about them. What we do know, however, is that they’re masters of zany humor and unapologetic gay jokes. We admire the fact they don’t take their work too seriously because it is, after all, just a parody of an already ridiculous cartoon, but at the same time we can tell a lot of effort went into the writing and editing (which is good because it usually takes a full year for a new episode to come out). If you’re in the mood for an abridged parody that’s what Gozar wishes his could be, look no further.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to multiple copyright infringement claims by TOEI Animation, the YouTube account that was home to “DBZ: The Real Abridged” was terminated along with every single video on the account (including our favorite parody by DBZ: The Real Abridged). Unfortunately, we can’t find a back-up home of this parody series and it seems as though all of the hilarious videos were wiped off the face of the Internet. To make matters worse, we’re not sure how to contact the creators of the parody. We’ll update this article with more news as it happens.

Our Favorite Parody by DBZ: The Real Abridged


Team Four Star

Team Four Star’s “DragonBall Z Abridged” is by far the most popular Dragon Ball parody series on the Internet, but not the best in our humble opinion. The highlights of the series is the professional editing, above average writing, and competent voice acting by almost every member of the rather large team. Indeed, Team Four Star has the largest cast and crew of the bunch to go along with the largest fanbase. KaiserNeko is responsible for the expert editing as well as co-writing the script and he also lends his voice to many of the minor characters including Gregory, Korin, King Kai, Zarbon, and most notably Trunks. Lanipator co-writes and voices Vegeta, Piccolo, and Krillen to name a few and he’s referred to as the “Chris Sabat” of the group. MasakoX voices Goku, Gohan, and Master Roshi and LittleKuriboh, who’s famous for his own abridged parody “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series” stars as Freeza and the narrator. There’s many more voice actors that you can read about on TeamFourStar’s official website or YouTube channel (links below).

Our Favorite Parody by Team Four Star
It’s difficult to choose a favorite because almost every episode is consistently funny; not gut-bustingly hilarious, but humorous and often cleverly written. The episode below is just a taste of the overall package.


And All the Rest


These parodies by Gozar (who also goes by the alias’ SSJGozar and SSJ2Gozar) are simply no good. They rely too heavily on pop culture references that are often dated before they even hit YouTube and immature, pointless and irrelevant humor that doesn’t seem to belong in a Dragon Ball parody. Gozar’s work in the Dragon Ball parody scene is the equivalent of Family Guy. Some people like it, some don’t, and most have moved on to greener pastures.

Our Favorite Parody by Gozar
This is a tough one to choose because none of them are particularly… “good.” So we’ll just choose the most recent parody as of this writing because they’re more or less the same thing every time.


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