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Because of the success and popularity of the Dragon Ball manga (Japanese equivalent of a comic book) series created by Akira Toriyama, the Japanese animation studio Toei Animation began producing an anime adaptation of the manga. On February 26th, 1986, the very first episode of the DragonBall TV series premiered on the Fuji Television network (in its country of origin; Japan). Due to the manga still being written as the show was airing, Toei Animation would occasionally create original anime side-stories, or sometimes even entire story arcs, to ensure that the development of the TV show was kept behind the manga. This anime-only content is often referred to as “filler,” as it “fills” space between events that occur in the manga. The original Dragon Ball TV series ran until April 19th, 1989 and had a total of 153 episodes. Its more action-oriented sequel, Dragon Ball Z, began airing soon after.

Dragon Ball is considerably more light-heated and comedic than its follow-up series Dragon Ball Z (the TV show you’re probably most familiar with). Although there’s no shortage of action in the series, it’s primarily focused on adventure and character development. Fewer characters are in Dragon Ball (compared to Dragon Ball Z), but this allows for more time with the main cast and a slightly more personal story. During the entirety of Dragon Ball, the main hero Goku isn’t yet known as an alien “Saiyan” but he still possesses super-human powers. This leads to many action and comedy scenarios while various villains attempt to cause havoc across the Earth.

The complete Dragon Ball series is available to buy in stores right now as part of FUNimation’s “remastered” season box sets. There are five season box sets in total (seen below). Unlike the Dragonball Z season box sets by FUNimation, Dragon Ball is only presented in its originally intended 4:3 video aspect ratio instead of the faux-widescreen ratio displayed on the DBZ season sets. Fans speculate that FUNimation was responding to fan backlash over the DBZ sets in doing this.

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Anime Movies
In addition to the TV series, Dragon Ball has had a few movies based on the anime (that were shown in theaters in Japan and released on DVD in other parts of the world). These movies are stand-alone side-stories that don’t usually connect to the TV series in any meaningful way. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama wasn’t heavily involved in the production of these products (similar in situation to Dragonball GT). Below is the full list of DB movies, which have all been released in North America on DVD (and some on Blu-Ray too) at some point. A quick search on Amazon should tell you everything you need to know about the flicks.

1. Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)
2. Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle (1987)
3. Mystical Adventure (1988)
4. The Path to Power (1996)

Live-Action Movie(s)
In April 2009, a live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball entitled “Dragonball: Evolution” was released in theaters across North America. None of the original anime crew were involved in writing or creating the film. For more information on Dragonball Evolution, click here. Many years before “Evolution,” two unofficial live-action movies were created based on the Dragon Ball franchise. The first, “Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku,” was made in Korea and isn’t available to buy, and the second, “The Magic Begins” was made in Taiwan and is available to buy on a special-edition DVD released in 2007.

FUNimation Dub Episode List
The following are FUNimation’s translations of the Japanese episode titles. Enjoy.

Emperor Pilaf Saga
1 – Secret of the Dragon Ball
2 – The Emperor’s Quest
3 – The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
4 – Oolong the Terrible
5 – Yamcha the Desert Bandit
6 – Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls
7 – The Ox-King On Fire Mountain
8 – The Kamehameha Wave
9- Boss Rabbit’s Magic Touch
10- The Dragon Balls are Stolen
11- The Penalty is Pinball
12 – A Wish to the Eternal Dragon
13 – The Legend of Goku

Tournament Saga
14 – Goku’s Rival
15 – Look Out for Launch
16 – Find that Stone!
17 – Milk Delivery
18 – The Turtle Hermit Way
19 – The Tournament Begins
20 – Elimination Round
21 – Smells Like Trouble
22 – The Quarter Finals Continue
23 – Monster Beast Giran
24 – Krillin’s Frantic Attack!
25 – Danger From Above
26 – The Grand Finals
27 – Number One Under the Moon
28 – The Final Blow

Red Ribbon Army Saga
29 – The Roaming Lake
30 – Pilaf & the mysterious Force
31 – Wedding Plans??
32 – The Flying Fortress – Vanished!
33 – The Legend Of A Dragon
34 – Cruel General Red
35. Cold Reception
36. Major Metallitron
37. The Ninja Murasaki is Coming!
38. Five Murasakis
39. Mysterious Android No. 8
40. Horrifying Buyon
41. The Fall of Muscle Tower
42. The Secret of Dr. Flappe
43. A Trip to the City
44. Master Thief Hasky
45. Danger in the Air

General Blue Saga
46. Bulma’s Bad Day
47. Kame House – Found!
48. Deep Blue Sea
49. Roshi Surprise
50. The Trap is Sprung
51. Beware of Robot
52. The Pirate Treasure
53. Blue, Black, and Blue
54. Escape From Pirate Cave
55. Penguin Village
56. Strange Visitor
57. Arale vs. Blue
Commander Red Saga
58 The Land of Korin
59 The Notorious Mercenary
60 Tao Attacks!
61 Korin Tower
62 Sacred Water
63 The Return of Goku
64 The Last of Mercenary Tao
65 Confront the Red Ribbon Army
66 A Real Bind
67 The End of Commander Red

Fortuneteller Baba Saga
68 The Last Dragon Ball
69 Who is Fortuneteller Baba?
70 We Are The Five Warriors
71 Deadly Battle
72 Goku’s Turn
73 Devilmite Beam
74 The Mysterious Fifth Man
75 The Strong Ones
76 The True Colors of the Masked Man
77 Pilaf’s Tactics
78 The Eternal Dragon Rises
79 Terror and Plague
80 Goku vs. Sky Dragon
81 Goku Goes to Demon Land
82 The Rampage of InoShikaCho
83 Which Way To Papaya Island?

Tien Shinhan Saga
84 Rivals and Arrivals
85 Preliminary Peril
86 Then There Were Eight
87 Yamcha vs. Tien
88 Yamcha’s Big Break
89 Full-Moon Vengeance
90 The Dodon Wave
91 Counting Controversy!
92 Goku Enters the Ring
93 Tien Shinhan Vs. Jacky Chun
94 Stepping Down
95 Goku Vs. Krillin
96 Tail’s Tale
97 Final Match: Goku Vs. Tien Shinhan
98 Victory’s Edge
99 Enlightenment?
100 The Spirit Canon
101 A New Champion

King Piccolo Saga
102: Enter King Piccolo
103: Tambourine Attacks!
104: Mark of the Demon
105:Here comes Yajirobe
106:Terrible Tambourine
107:Tien’s Atonement
108:Goku’s Revenge
109:Goku vs King Piccolo
110:Piccolo Closes in
111: Roshi’s Gambit
112. King Piccolo’s Wish
113. Siege on Chow Castle
114. Conquest and Power
115. Awaken Darkness
116. A Taste of Destiny
117. The Ultimate Sacrifice
118. Prelude to Vengeance
119. Battle Cry
120. Goku Strikes Back
121. The biggest crisis
122. Final Showdown

Piccolo Jr. Saga
123. Lost and Found
124. Temple Above the Clouds
125. Earth’s Guardian Emerges
126. Eternal Dragon Resurrected
127. Quicker Than Lightning
128. Secret of the Woods
129. The Time Room
130. Goku’s Doll?
131. Walking Their own Ways
132. Hotter Than Lava
133. Changes
134. Preliminary Peril
135. Battle of Eight
136. Tien Shinhan vs Mercenary Tao
137. Anonymous Proposal
138. The Mysterious Hero
139. Rematch
140. Goku Gains Speed
141. The Four Faces of Tien
142. Kami vs Piccolo
143. Battle for the Future
144. Super Kamehameha
145. Junior no More
146. Goku’s Trap
147. Goku Hangs On
148. The Victor
149. Dress in Flames
150. The Fire-Eater
151. Outrageous Octagon
152. Mystery of the Dark World
153. The End, The Beginning

Also Known As…
Dragon Ball is also sometimes referred to as DB, Dragonball, or DragonBall.

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