Update from FOX and Trailer Information

Ok, let me first apologize for the removal of the Dragonball movie trailers, but it had to be done for the time being. But I recently received a welcoming email from FOX staff concerning the trailer that was shown and the full blown trailer that is officially still being worked on. It has pretty much been confirmed that it will not be shown during Max Payne, although that was their original intentions. Read below for the email sent to me to clear anything up.

First off, we love your enthusiasm for the film. We are so sorry to ask that you remove the content. It is not meant to irritate or discourage you and your readers from following this film campaign. It’s just that the pieces of content that are being leaked were not created to be used this way. They were only meant to be shown to potential Licensing & Merchandising partners who need to make partnering decisions far in advance of release date, and the content has not been approved for online use. Elements like music clearances and even talent approvals have not been pursued because we had no intention of having this go online. Alot goes into a trailer or video being authorized for online use….

We had hoped to have a really kick-ass trailer done by MAX PAYNE’s in-theater date, but because alot of effects shots are still being worked on – we’ve decided to wait until there is more material to work with, so we can really “wow” you and the fans. This is not uncommon for a film that still has 6 months until it goes in theaters. It looks like the real trailer will be released a little later in the year.

Again, thanks for all your interest. I am happy to update you when we get new artwork and approved video to distribute. We appreciate you removing the content, and don’t mean to cause you any headaches with your readers :)

The only reason I posted this email was to inform you guys about the current progress on the actual trailer.